Ireland is a MedTech centre of excellence, with 300+ companies, employing 32,000 people. This is the highest MedTech personnel per capita in Europe and nine of the world's top ten MedTech companies have operations here in Ireland.

Ireland’s expertise spans segments including R&D, software, diagnostic products and medical devices and relies on a highly trained workforce with skills in mechanical, electronic, materials engineering and science. 7 universities and 13 institutes of technology collaborate with industry and government to create a vibrant cluster.

Estonia is a world leader in the application of government e-Health services and solutions, patient records have been online since 2008 and 95% of health data created today is digitised and protected by the Blockchain. Estonia is also one of the few countries in the world to have a genomic database.

As advances in technology occur, including Big Data and AI, Estonia will have a globally unique opportunity to understand the linkages between genetics and illness and the effectiveness of the health industry responses.

IEBN believes that collaboration between Ireland and Estonia in field of MedTech would create significant benefits for both countries and life sciences as a whole.

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