Ireland has been active in Global Business Services (GBS) since the 1990s and today has approximately 200 centres employing 45,000. Operators are global, with a strong presence among N. American companies.

Estonia too is an established GBS location, with 54 centres employing 7000. The majority of operators are from the Nordic and DACH regions. As with Ireland, the GBS industry in Estonia has matured significantly and now supports more sophisticated tasks including RPA and Supply Chain.

Research issued by Enterprise Ireland in 2017 found that Ireland and Estonia had complimentary GBS offerings. From a functional perspective, Ireland is very strong in sales, HR and legal while Estonia is strong in finance and supply chain. Both countries are strong in IT shared services and outsourcing but offer different cost and language mixes.

Numerous multinationals successfully integrate Ireland and Estonia into their global service delivery model including Malwarebytes, Alimentation Couche-Tard, Microsoft and Arvato.

IEBN and its members have extensive experience in GBS and can provide a range of insights on request.

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