Ireland was ranked as the 4th best country to do business with in the world in 2016 in Forbes’s annual rankings. With seven consecutive years of export growth, Ireland has demonstrated its ability to compete in international food and drink markets. Irish food and drink companies have invested in plant and production facilities which has generated new capabilities and increased competitiveness.

Research and development is a vital component of an innovative food sector and Ireland has a wealth of technical and commercially led support structures for manufacturers. With export markets forming a critical part of industry strategy, Irish companies are highly focused on developing new markets. Membership of Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme also provides the opportunity to strongly differentiate through sustainability messaging. Ireland has a huge Agri-Food sector which accounts for over 7% of gross value added and 10% of national employment and exports.

Key sectors include livestock, meat, dairy, beverages and value-added ingredients such as baby milk formula and nutrition supplements.

Exports of Irish food products to Estonia have grown steadily and further opportunities exist in Estonia, the Nordic region and via Estonia’s rail connectivity to China.

Ireland exports over 80% of its dairy and beef production and is the UK’s largest supplier of food and drink products. 35% of Ireland’s €12.6bn food and drink exports are destined for the UK market, while Europe accounts for 33% and 32% is supplied to the rest of world.

As international markets have grown in value and importance in the past number of years, logistics and supply chain management models have become increasingly sophisticated in order to service our international customer base. Whatever your requirement is, Irish suppliers can deliver effective and robust supply chain solutions. For more information please see:

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