Cyber Security

Estonia ranks #5 in the Global Cybersecurity Index and #1 in Europe. Estonia’s strength arises due to a combination of world-class skills in system design and cryptography, and practical experience from successfully defending a large cyber-attack in 2007.

Today Estonia offers a unique environment for cyber security R&D, testing and management. It is home to sizeable NATO and EU centres of excellence, hosts with world’s largest exercises Crossed Swords and CyCon, while the Tallinn Manuals provide advanced thought leadership on legal aspects of cyber.

Ireland ranks lower in country terms but has a significant cyber security cluster centred on Cork, which includes operations of the world’s five largest security software providers and numerous specialist academic institutions.

With approximately 10% of Ireland’s gross value added generated by the IT sector, including the European headquarters of Google and Facebook, there is a large and growing market for Cyber Security solutions and skills.

Links between Ireland and Estonia in Cyber Security grow, including Malwarebytes which operates in Cork and Tallinn, and IEBN member Joseph Carson who organises events and solutions. We expect more to follow.

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