Big thanks to all supporters of the St Patrick’s Day Raffle, IEBN Premium sponsors; (Key Capital, Lendama, Embassy of Ireland and Wilde Apartments;Tallinn). Gifts from Clayhills Gastro Pub, The Centennial Hotel, Nordic Forum, D’Boiss, Route 13, Vein de Vine, Free Willie Jewelry, and to all those who bought tickets! The children from the Lotus Orphanage will be very happy to welcome a new outdoor recreation play area in Sillamäe, Estonia.

This charity fund raised 6.400 Euro, which was spent on refurbishment of the indoor play/breakout areas and education toys.

IEBN is proud to support:

Laste Hooldekande Asustus Lootus (Gagarini 7, Sillamae City, Ida-Viru County).
IEBN members are committed to make a real change in the lives of these young children, some who suffer chronic illnesses.

Our research has shown:
There are a number of existing orphanages within Estonia that provide accommodation and housing for children and young adults between the ages of 6 months and 22 years. Housing and services are also provided within orphanages for children with disabilities and a variety of special needs.
The majority of orphanages in Estonia are located in the east of the region, where the need for places is greatest. 

We have identified the following needs:

In this orphanage a ‘house’ system is operated, whereby approximately 8 children are housed and supported by four members of staff, in separate units, within the overall center. The staff work on a 24 hour basis, operating in shifts and living in the centre for these periods. Each ‘house’ has a number of shared bedrooms, bathrooms, living and eating areas. Both centres visited have a central kitchen that provides meals. Children are permitted to leave the ‘house’ with the permission of the staff member on duty. This centre has external spaces where children can play or socialise.
The initial survey identified an immediate need for additional funding and highlighted that small amounts of funding would make a big difference. The survey also identified that re-housing children from the centre is difficult, as by law children must be re-housed locally within the region. As the region has issues with multiple deprivation, families who are able to support the re-housing of these children in the region are uncommon, which in turn, increases the demand for places within centres.

We know what work needs to be done:

The interior spaces of the centre are in need of immediate attention and funding. There are urgent upgrades required in terms of lighting, plumbing and bathrooms. Lighting is unsuitable in communal spaces and bedrooms and children regularly report issues with their vision. Plumbing requires immediate upgrading and the manager of the centre reported discolouration in the drinking water within the centre.

We kindly ask to help if you can, in what ever way you can.